Little Miss Sunshine

Teach girls that no matter what size they are they are perfect just the way they are. Movie: […]

Steven Maraboli

From everyone. From my family, from my friends, from my peers, from my co-workers, from my colleagues. I […]


I had a lot of you before. I can pick you out in a crowded room. Selfish boy […]

The One Who Loved Me

Tall and handsome, Yet with more beneath the surface. Your mother raised you with values and manners, I […]


Caked face since I was a child, Pressed hard into a sugary sponge. A way of congratulating me […]


At ten I thought I knew who I was. At fifteen I thought I knew all I loved- […]

Those Days

Shamed, Ashamed, Justifying why I eat. Judged for not nourishing myself right, Judged for finally nourishing myself right. […]

Queen Bey

Truthfully you deserve the world


I refuse to apologize for my bad days, for my anger, for my sadness, for my insecurities, and […]